Writing about artist

Social Media You are sitting at your table, defeated, just staring at a blank computer screen. You are trying to come up with new topics for your artist blog.

Writing about artist

Life Balance Imagine if you were comparing two products to buy online. Which one would you buy? Consider the same question for your art business! Writing a killer Artist About Me Page lets you connect with your audience, builds up your credibility as an artist, and makes your buyers feel more attached to your artwork.

So how do you write one? When did you begin taking an interest in art?

Make a mind map.

Did you start as a child because you grew up in a house full of artists or did you start later in life when you finally had the time for that painting class? Providing a story will capture the attention of readers in an interesting way and will leave them wanting more.

And, the more they can relate to you as an artist, the more invested in your work they will become. Great idea by Rebecca Crowell - she includes a video to tell her story in her About Me section!

Why do you make this kind of art? People came to your page for a reason—they love your artwork. Make them fall in love even more by sharing why you are excited about your work, too.

Do you have a mission or art philosophy you want to share with the world? Describe what drives you.

Basic information like where you are from and where you currently live and work helps your audience easily connect to you.

writing about artist

Maybe these locations have even influenced your artwork. This gives you another great story to touch on or a connection to someone who wants to buy from a local artist.

Where has your artwork been shown? Including the galleries, exhibitions, and other places your work has been featured builds credibility. What art education have you completed? What awards did you receive and what achievements in the art world have you accomplished? Answering these questions builds confidence in your ability as well, but just remember to keep it organized to appear confident, yet humble.

How can your audience get in touch with you? Always make it as easy as possible for them to reach you, so your art business can thrive!

50 Terrific Topics to Write About for Your Art Blog | Artwork Archive

Artwork Archive artist Peter Bragino has a terrific About Me section that includes these answers and more! Want to know the best part? Your Artist About Me page is just another great marketing tool you can use to boost your art career. You can use it not only to attract sales on your site, but apply for artist opportunities, social media marketing, and for your Artwork Archive Public Page on Discovery.

They come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure it truly tells who you are. Including the necessary content and making it interesting will help you seem more professional and put together, helping you get noticed in the right kind of way.

Want more tips for branding yourself online?Writing About Art. Visual Description. In effect, writing a visual description consists of two separate acts of translation. The first transforms a visual experience into a verbal one and the second turns a private experience into one that can be communicated to someone else.

From Cory: In my online marketing for artists classes, I often end up helping artists develop some writing skills. “I’m not a writer,” is an excuse I hear all of the time.

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Notes for Artwork Critique Form - page 2. TALKING and WRITING about art - Artwork often has Subject Matter like a face, a dog, flowers, trees, an airplane, etc.

It is common for the subject matter to get our attention. All artwork has elements and principles. Preface. I created Writing About Art as the text for a course of the same name at The City College of New York. The book explains the different approaches college students encounter in undergraduate art history classes.

Each chapter outlines the characteristics of one type of visual or historical analysis, and briefly explains its history and development.

Renée Phillips is a mentor and advocate for artists helping them achieve their fullest potential. She provides career advice, coaching, writing services, promotion and e-Books for artists .

This article shows you how to write your Artist’s Biography. It is essential for viewers of your art who want to know more about you. It helps them to understand what makes you unique as an artist.

Talking and Writing about Artwork