The beginning or end of unions

Australia[ edit ] In Australia the working week begins on Monday and terminates on Friday. An eight-hour working day is the norm. Working three weekdays a fortnight, for example, would therefore be approximately twenty-four hours including or excluding traditional breaks tallying up to two hours. Some people work overtime with extra pay on offer for those that do, especially for weekend work.

The beginning or end of unions

The unions this decision could affect are about 10 million strong, and mostly made up of public school teachers, police officers, and other government employees from the 23 states in question.

In the state of California, as in the other 22 states that are a part of this casepublic-sector workers like teachers and police officers are required to pay union dues even when they have opted out of joining the union.

The beginning or end of unions

The California public school teachers who brought this case feel that mandating their contribution to the union violates their First Amendment rights to disagree with the union and not support it financially.

The situation is already different for unions and workers in Right-to-Work states. About half of U. Here, workers are not required to contribute to unions even when all workers are being represented at the bargaining table.

Unions suffer when this happensas they are considerably weakened by the lack of financial support. If the union will negotiate for them either way, why join and pay for the service? Concerning this court case, unions fear the loss of tens of millions of dollars which will lessen their ability to fight for higher wages and better overall compensation for teachers, police, sanitation workers, and the other government employees they represent.

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In some cases, the blow could even send unions into bankruptcy. It seems likely that the U. Supreme Court will rule against the unions. Some had pinned their hopes on Justice Antonin Scalia potentially tipping the scales for unions, based upon some of his prior votes and pronouncements, but after his recent comments, it seems the court is more than likely to rule against the unions.

Justice Scalia seemed to indicate that he feels unions could survive nonetheless: Federal employee unions do not charge agency fees to nonmembers, and they seem to survive.

If history is any indication though, this could be the beginning of the end for certain public-sector unions. We want to hear from you!

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Leave a comment or join the discussion on Twitter.Congress Considers National Right-To-Work Bill: Beginning of the End for Unions? By Garen Dodge and Anna Stancu on February 8, Posted in National Labor Relations Act Organized labor in the United States has experienced a steady decline in the last several decades, from a peak union membership rate of 35% during the mids to % in.

The beginning or end of unions

Nicole Spratley HR Week 5 Assignment Project Outline The Beginning or End of Unions DeVry University A Union is formed by a group of workers who join together to form a strong alliance against the company they work for.

Chartered June 15, and over 3, members strong, we are the Union for Bartenders and Apprentice Bartenders in the Las Vegas Metro area. For decades we have led the fight to win fair wages, solid benefits, and safe, dignified working conditions for Las Vegas’s hospitality workers.

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