The americas

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The americas

Extent[ edit ] The americas Americas make up most of the land in Earth's western hemisphere.


Ponta do Seixas in northeastern Brazil forms the easternmost extremity of the mainland, [54] while Nordostrundingenin Greenland, is the most easterly point of the continental shelf.

The gaps in the archipelago of Central America filled in with material eroded off North America and South America, plus new land created by continued volcanism.

By three million years ago, the continents of North America and South America were linked by the Isthmus of Panamathereby forming the single landmass of the Americas. The Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Range reach similar altitudes as the Rocky Mountainsbut are significantly smaller.

In North America, the greatest number of fourteeners are in the United States, and The americas specifically in the U. Between its coastal mountain ranges, North America has vast flat areas.

The Interior Plains spread over much of the continent, with low relief. The climate of the Americas varies significantly from region to region.

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Tropical rainforest climate occurs in the latitudes of the AmazonAmerican cloud forestsFlorida and Darien Gap. In the Rocky Mountains and Andesdry and continental climates are observed.

Often the higher altitudes of these mountains are snow-capped. Southeastern North America is well known for its occurrence of tornadoes and hurricanesof which the vast majority of tornadoes occur in the United States' Tornado Alley.

These weather systems are formed by the collision of dry, cool air from Canada and wet, warm air from the Atlantic. Hydrology[ edit ] With coastal mountains and interior plains, the Americas have several large river basins that drain the continents. The largest river basin in North America is that of the Mississippicovering the second largest watershed on the planet.

This river is the fourth longest in the world and tenth most powerful in the world. In North America, to the east of the Appalachian Mountainsthere are no major rivers but rather a series of rivers and streams that flow east with their terminus in the Atlantic Ocean, such as the Hudson RiverSaint John Riverand Savannah River.

A similar instance arises with central Canadian rivers that drain into Hudson Bay ; the largest being the Churchill River. Initially, the exchange of biota was roughly equal, with North American genera migrating into South America in about the same proportions as South American genera migrated into North America.

This exchange is known as the Great American Interchange. The exchange became lopsided after roughly a million years, with the total spread of South American genera into North America far more limited in scope than the spread on North American genera into South America.The Americas (also collectively called America; French: Amérique, Spanish/Portuguese: América) comprise the totality of the continents of North and South America.

The americas

Together, they make up most of the land in Earth's western hemisphere and comprise the New World.. Along with their associated islands, they cover 8% of Earth's total surface area and % of its land area. Linda Mendoza was opening her beauty salon in East Oakland, California, when a gunman pointed a gun at her pregnant belly and demanded cash.

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Home of the World Championships | Circuit of The Americas Population history of indigenous peoples of the Americas and Columbian Exchange Cultural areas of North America at time of European contact The European colonization of the Americas fundamentally changed the lives and cultures of the native peoples of the continents.

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