Sad joke on a marae essay

Jack Ross is a poet, editor, and comparative literature scholar whose articles, reviews and interviews have been widely published. He is the author of eight books. He lives in New Zealand. This paperback and 2 CDs collects the work of 27 poets who came of age during the s and s, stamping their mark irrevocably on the New Zealand poetic scene and introducing new forms, new language and new freedoms.

Sad joke on a marae essay

Introduction, an historical overview Yes, I have read all the books, all the pertinent material pertaining. New Zealand has always been a sexist society, a patriarchal panoply of male power, controlling and suppressing female prowess — as so well exemplified in its literary structures.

Sad joke on a marae essay

Sexism in literature is a reflection of a wider societal sexism whereby a deliberately constructed literary masculinity ruled up until the s or at least the 80s.

Because the male writers at the time were also often the editors and publishers of the literary magazines and journals, and therefore the gatekeepers of style and content, their attitudes towards the women poets and writers affected whether those women were published Worryingly, however, he felt that such 20th century literary misogyny was still somehow excusable.

So I also take serious issue with academic Stuart Murray when he warbled in relation to this selfsame group of male writers: Much of the strong element of misogyny that runs through the s…should be viewed in this light of the national need to administer difference through strong oppositionality, and the continual fear of parallel and alternative national narratives that might exist.

In the New Zealand context, these alternatives were often those of women Wrote Locke of James K. Baxter and Sam Hunt. Yet, for Jensen, Baxter can be excused of any abusive sexism.

I, for one, side completely with Locke here. They are out-and-out nasty-sexist and women hating: Could easily have made it with the chick Who picked me up: The New Zealand masculinist tendency to mythologise their sexual prowess and potency and the associated diminishment and anonymity of women this incorporated, obviously extends well and truly beyond the 20th century.

Just how far, I will soon expand on. Nor does he consistently address the latent and manifest sexism of any of these authors, but rather their own latent and more manifest sexual dysfunctionalities.

Ironically, many aspects of Maori masculinity now regarded as traditional were merely selected qualities of British colonial masculinity.

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Let me be clear here: Necessarily, women had no place for — let alone in this crew. This is a book Jensen owes a considerable amount of insight to, even if the text is never referred to in his own work.

Millar wants to say that this generalized and rosy overview of a new literary nationalism was more of a gloss from later literati and that — at the time — contemporaneous writers like Robin Hyde saw such men as literary gang members as revealed in her article, Singers of Loneliness.

The appalling irony is, of course, that the gangsters at the time repudiated women writers such as Hyde herself, Ursula Bethell and Eileen Duggan, and it has taken decades for them to receive their deserved attention and accolade as women writers see for example Michele Leggott et al and their NZEPC online resource pertaining to Hyde.Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

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