Positive effects of comic books on children

Science News Comic books are good for children's learning Parents should not "look down" on comics as they are just as good for children as reading books, a new study claims. By Richard AlleyneScience Correspondent 5:

Positive effects of comic books on children

StumbleUpon Who would have imagined that cartoon characters may reduce the possibilities of heart attack as these animated characters have spiral up our life with happiness and humorous memories and scenes.

Positive effects of comic books on children

Consequently, it keeps our body disease free and also many more positive effects work on our health. In this hectic life, may be everyone has various source for reducing stress and watching cartoon characters is one of them. Helpful in visual learning and colors: Scientifically it has been proved that our mind is more active when it comes to visual learning rather than other learning methods.

At the age of kid, mind is blank and always welcome to whatever it observes and see. And therefore, play schools also prefer visual classes for kids.

And same happens with cartoon characters, the point is by watching cartoons as with beautiful animations, colors and other scenes, a kid can learn various things at a one time. Helpful in learning new things: But a child can easily catch the message by watching.

Empowering Children

And here exactly the entertainment with learning is good combination to teach a kid. Many video games and play stations are also used for teaching kids by tutors. Watching cartoon make a kid more loyal: In cartoons there are families and friends. There a cartoon character always loyal with its loved ones and always speak truth.

Comic books are good for children's learning - Telegraph

And if a child watching such kid cartoon on television it will definitely affect the kids mind. It had been proven that child starts learning to always speak the truth to parents.

Watching cartoon enhance the talent of children: Cartoons usually dancing and singing in the show. And for a kid this in new unusual thing to learn and of course they are in learning period of life.

Finally by watching their favorite cartoon singing or dancing kids also try dancing and singing in same way.As Dr. Lawrence Rubin details in his book Using Superheroes in Counseling and Play Therapy, Bender saw first hand the positive effects a comic could have while she was treating kids at.

Whether children are looking for a funny, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, realistic, or heroic story, there’s always a comic book that would meet that need.

Besides, the main reason why people read comic books is for fun and enjoyment. 6. Values teaching. Comic books are easily taken as unhelpful for kids because of the fanciness and the colors. Jul 17,  · 10 Benefits of Reading Comics Encourage a Love of Reading. “Comic book readers do at least as much reading as non-comic book readers, and the most recent research shows that they read more overall, read more books, and have more positive attitudes toward reading.” -Stephen Krashen, The Power of Reading.

Comic books like "Superman" and "Son of Satan" and violent television programs are useful, if unorthodox, tools in diagnosing and treating emotional problems in children, two psychiatrists say. "There's a real tendency to overestimate the (negative) effect of violence on TV and in comic books," Dr.

Duke Fisher, a Torrance child and adolescent psychiatrist, said in an interview. Benefits of Comic Books to Children. What most people don’t see is that comic books also teach positive messages, like helping others, doing one’s best, working as a team, and persevering.

For example, Batman encourages normal people to be heroes in their own pace. Superman reminds us that there is always a way to overcome weakness. Effects of Identification With Comic Book Heroes and Villains of Consumption on Materialism Among Former Comic Book Readers Russell W.

Belk, University of Utah ABSTRACT - Although a recent content analytic study (Belk ) has found archetypal heroes and villains of consumption in American comic books since the s, it leaves .

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