Phd thesis awards

Maria and Eric Muhlmann Award Dr. Pieter van Dokkum The Maria and Eric Muhlmann Award is given for recent significant observational results made possible by innovative advances in astronomical instrumentation, software, or observational infrastructure. The recipient of the Muhlmann Award is Pieter van Dokkum for the development of a novel means to measure very diffuse and faint structures in the sky.

Phd thesis awards

Theses defended and awarded the degree from May 1st, to October 31st, are eligible in this edition. The award committee will take both the quality of the research conducted and the scholarliness of the submitted thesis into consideration. The required documentation includes: Nominations must refer to Thesis documents being publicly available at Graphics Dissertation Online.

The connection Phd thesis awards each possible reviewer to the Thesis Supervisor, Examiner, Co-author, None should be clearly stated. The Awards Committee reserves the right to solicit reviews also from experts, not on this list. Full CV of the candidate with explicit mention of which publications resulted from the thesis.

Submissions can be sent by the candidate, the supervisor, or any other researcher. All submitted material should be in English. Every Thesis can be submitted only once. The aim is to recognize good thesis work in Europe, to incentivize young researchers, and to offer them the opportunity to publish the state of the art section of their thesis as a STAR in the Computer Graphics Forum Journal.

Eurographics annually grants three PhD thesis awards. Committee membership will be for five years terms, which will be staggered to ensure continuity. The committee can decide, as an extraordinary measure, to increase the number of awards in some years.

The Committee will consider the quality of the work, the review reports, the quality and impact of the publications derived from the thesis, the coherence of the state of the art section in the thesis and any other relevant aspect of the work.

Awarded researchers will be announced and receive a certificate at the opening session of the Annual Eurographics Conference where they will profit from a free registration. They will also receive a three-years free Eurographics membership, and will be invited to prepare a State-of-the-Art paper within two months after the Conference.

The nomination term is now open, see the Call for Candidates above. Recipients of the Award Miika Aittala for his strong technical contributions in computational photography and enabling appearance capture of surface material appearance for real world complex materials using simple hardware and limited measurements with a particular focus on spatially varying reflectance properties.

Pablo Garrido for his strong technical contributions to face capture, animation, and editing from video by combining expressive parametric 3D models with inverse rendering to recover highly-detailed faces and demonstrating impressive applications including virtual dubbing and face reenactment.

Petr Kellnhofer for his strong technical contribution in perceptual modeling for stereoscopic 3D by running dedicated perceptual studies, deriving new perceptual models from his findings, and integrating these models in computer graphics algorithms.

Tobias Guenther for his strong technical contributions in optimization-based opacity control of lines and surfaces for occlusion reduction and utilizing techniques from light transport for visualization of unsteady flow. Adrian Jarabo for his strong technical contributions to computational imaging by studying the plenoptic function for multidimensional light transport particularly for editing light fields, capturing complex appearances using BTF, and investigating transient light transport.


Marcel Campen for his strong technical contribution to geometry processing field, proposing innovative efficient strategies and algorithms for the generation of high quality quadrilateral layouts.

Kai Lawonn for his strong technical contribution to illustrative scientific visualization, presenting novel line drawing techniques for depicting medical surfaces and structures in a appealing and informative way. Iliyan Georgiev for his strong technical contribution to light transport simulation in proposing efficient path sampling techniques for scenes containing surfaces and participating media.

Alec Jacobsonfor his strong technical contribution to non linear deformation, proposing new formulations that can be efficiently and practically approximated in real time.

Phd thesis awards

Cengiz Oeztirelifor his strong technical contribution to meshless sampling, manifolds reconstruction, and for the proposal of a unified analysis framework of point distributions. David Bommes, for his strong technical contribution to the creation of high quality anisotropic quadrilateral polygon meshes, by succesfully formulating and solving it as a global constrained optimization problem.

Boris Neubert, for his strong technical contribution to the intelligent content generation, stochastic simplification and rendering of complex natural scenes. Daniele Panozzo, for his strong technical contribution to the automatic conversion from unstructured triangle meshes onto dense quadrilateral meshes which are symmetry aware and preserve features.

Bernd Bickelfor his strong technical contribution to face animation and automatic manufacturing of nonlinearly deformable objects, presenting an elegant computational solution for the synthesis of non-linear materials.

Ofir Weberfor his strong technical contribution to shape deformation, making conformal deformations practical and controllable and presenting an elegant and deeper understanding of the problem.

Tobias Ritschelfor his strong technical contribution to the perceptually-motivated interactive rendering and editing using global illumination techniques. A central challenge in illustration is coloring line art, to create effects as shading, shadow and focus. His thesis proposes a new vector graphics representation to allow complex gradients design.

He solves the problem by finding the image corresponding to a combination of edges as the steady state of a color flowing process in the plane. The thesis also deals on the stylization of animations. Two methods, based on texture blending, are proposed to produce temporally coherent watercolorization of videos and 3D animated scenes.

The thesis has already led to significant and large impact papers in top Journals in Computer Graphics, which that are now fostering new research work, industry projects and artist ideas. He presents new results on the construction and analysis of subdivision surfaces of arbitrary topology, arbitrary degree, and arbitrary knot spacing of the underlying space of B-splines.

His work overcomes the limitations of known approaches and thus perfects the theory of subdivision surfaces in a beautiful and convincing way.The thesis can be about any topic concerned with the rail industry. 2. The RTSA Awards Sub-committee will judge the theses nominated and, provided a suitable nomination is received, the award may be made each year.


Phd thesis awards

Nominations for the RTSA PhD Thesis Award will . The PhD Thesis Awards Committee consists of five members. Committee membership will be for five years terms, which will be staggered to ensure continuity. The committee can decide, as an extraordinary measure, to increase the number of awards in some years.

Wilhelmsen completed his PhD thesis in , and his work quickly received attention. Last year, his dissertation was recognized as the best PhD thesis in NTNU’s Faculty of Natural Sciences. His dissertation has now been recognized with two international awards after tough competition with researchers from across the globe.

Eurographics PhD Award – Eurographics

Robert J. Trumpler Award for an Outstanding PhD Thesis. Purpose. The Robert J. Trumpler Award of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific is given each year to a recent recipient of the PhD degree in North America whose research is considered unusually important to astronomy.

The Awards Committee recommends a recipient of the Award to. About ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award. Presented annually to the author(s) of the best doctoral dissertation(s) in computer science and engineering. The Doctoral Dissertation Award is accompanied by a prize of $20,, and the Honorable Mention Award is accompanied by a prize totaling $10, Financial sponsorship of the award is provided by Google.

PhD Dissertation Award Description Each year, UCOWR recognizes two outstanding Ph.D. dissertations on water issues, one in each of the following categories: (1) Water Policy and SocioEconomics, and (2) Natural Science and Engineering.

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