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See Article History Alternative Titles: Villa was the son of a field labourer and was orphaned at an early age. In revenge for an assault on his sister, he killed one of the owners of the estate on which he worked and was afterward forced to flee to the mountains, where he spent his adolescence as a fugitive.

Pancho villa

Gorrell had never flown at night before, and his engine was overheating. The flight had been jinxed from the start.

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Pre-flight preparations consumed more Pancho villa than expected, so the eight planes of the 1st Aero Squadron had not taken off until late in the afternoon on March 19, Kilner had turned back with engine problems.

Each plane carried a different type of compass, and the aviators were equipped with poor maps. Only one flier, Lieutenant Townsend F. Dodd, had ever made a night flight before. After the sun dropped behind the Sierra Madre, Gorrell lost sight of his fellow pilots and flew on alone.

Finally, hopelessly lost, Gorrell turned and headed north again, but his plane had reached the limit of its endurance. With the engine on the verge of seizing up, the young pilot brought the crippled plane in for a rough but successful landing by moonlight.

Dargue left Edgar S. Gorrell stand alongside an airplane at the Mexican front during the expedition into Mexico. At the same time, dozens of British, French and German airmen fought daily over the trenches of the Western Front.

Although the numbers of U. But in Marchfive pilots, 30 men and three planes had been sent to Galveston, Texas, in response to tensions along the U.

The entire squadron was transferred to Fort Sill, Okla. Shortly after arriving at Fort Sill, two planes and four pilots were transferred to Brownsville, Texas. It was there, on August 26,that the airmen first took up one of their new planes. Jones encountered turbulence at 1, feet, and their Jenny unexpectedly dropped feet.

The shaken aviators managed to coax the plane up to 4, feet but found it extremely difficult to control. On a subsequent flight, Morrow and his observer were badly hurt when their JN-2 nose-dived during takeoff and smashed into the ground. The rest of the squadron also tried out the JN-2s and found them less than satisfactory.


Sutton was badly injured and his observer who sat in the front seat was killed during one flight. Upon landing, he found to his surprise that he was the first to arrive. Willis walked in the next day, and a detachment was sent out to salvage his plane. The salvage party was fired on but eventually recovered some parts of the plane.

Meanwhile, Gorrell remained missing. Gorrell stumbled around until dawn after abandoning his plane in the dark. Then he approached a remote ranch, intending to steal a horse.

Pancho villa

Pistol in hand, the airman confronted a mounted Mexican. Gorrell rested for a few hours, then borrowed a Ford sedan from the U. He drove back to his crippled plane with fuel and oil and managed to start the engine.

He flew the plane 30 miles south to Ojo Federico, where he landed near an American truck convoy. He refueled, but as he taxied for takeoff, his wing struck a fuel barrel. Once he was airborne, the canvas began to rip from the wing. Gorrell brought his plane down once again and hitched a ride to Colonia Dublan, where he finally rejoined his squadron.Menu for Pancho Villas Mexican Food Restaurant In San Bernardino.

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Villa told a number of conflicting stories about his early life, and his "early life remains shrouded in mystery." According to most sources, he was born on 5 June , and named José Doroteo Arango Arámbula at birth.

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Pancho villa
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