Motion picture case study

Scientific management methods called for optimizing the way that tasks were performed and simplifying the jobs enough so that workers could be trained to perform their specialized sequence of motions in the one "best" way. Prior to scientific management, work was performed by skilled craftsmen who had learned their jobs in lengthy apprenticeships. They made their own decisions about how their job was to be performed.

Motion picture case study

What problems have these forces created? What changes have these problems caused the movie and television studios to make? New market entrants and substitute products are the two main competitive forces challenging the movie industry.

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The traditional outlets for viewing movies — theatres, cable television, and movie rental businesses — are all challenged by new ways for customers to obtain products. The traditional outlets were very easy to control and ensured that the movie producers received compensation for their products.

With the advent of downloadable movies, the system is changing to more of a viewer-centric process. The main problem is that movie studios and producers, outlets for selling the movies, and the myriad of people involved in the old system, have no way of controlling downloads from all the different Web sites that make them available.

With no controls in place, the industry cannot ensure Motion picture case study receiving just payments and rewards for the work they produce. Several distributors have tried to squelch the download outlets but its virtually impossible to monitor all the Web sites and all their content.

Other solutions follow the music industry trends of taking advantage of movie downloads and view them as another source of revenue. YouTube is helping build a revenue-sharing model with content creators and developing a filtering and digital fingerprinting technology that will help it control the unauthorized use of copyright protected material.

Describe the impact of disruptive technology on the companies discussed in this case? YouTube is to the motion picture industry and what Napster was to the music industry. YouTube has become the most popular video-sharing Web site because it gives users what they want when they want it.

People wanted an outlet for the creative video diaries and amateur films that they created using inexpensive digital video equipment. Disruptive technologies continually displace old technologies that, while they are still good products, no longer serve a customer base.

That explains what is causing the changes in how customers want to receive motion pictures. How have the movie studios responded to YouTube? What is the goal of the response? Originally the movie industry tried to fight the thousands of illegal uses of their copyrighted material—much as the music industry tried to fight their battle years ago.

Use of Statistics to Analyze the Motion Picture Industry Essay Words | 5 Pages. Report on the Motion Picture Industry The motion picture industry is just like any other industry and to be successful it must turn a profit on the movies it creates and produces. Find news, press releases, statements and other company information in the Kodak press center. Research in Motion Case Solution,Research in Motion Case Analysis, Research in Motion Case Study Solution, RIM should elect to continue to compete in the current smart phone market. They should take a set of specific actions to attempt to maximize mass market co.

It was and is a losing battle—both in protecting their copyrighted content and in the public relations fight for loyal customers.

Many producers have chosen to not fight their customers but are trying to find ways to meet the needs and demands of both sides—the producers and the customers.

Should motion picture companies continue to use YouTube to promote their new films? Why or why not? The answers obviously will vary.

The movie industry should continue to work with YouTube to find ways to use the site, if for nothing else than promotional reasons. By putting their own short videos and film clips on the site, before others do, movie studios can thwart some of the illegal use of their films.

The average person would rather see a well-produced video than a second- or third-rate clip. What do you find on the site? Do you see any advertisements attached to the video?

Do you feel this way of advertising is effective?

Motion picture case study

Answers will vary to most of this question but it should provoke some good classroom discussions or discussions in a chat forum. Key elements students should understand is that all artists, producers, and distributors deserve some compensation for their talent, time, investments, and labor.

Illegally using copyrighted material is an act of theft.O’Melveny assisted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in acquiring site control rights for its new US$ million Motion Picture Museum in Los Angeles, including negotiation of the year ground lease, development agreements, parking agreements, and advising on development issues.

The first motion sequence photographs were taken in when Stanford asked Muybridge to investigate animal locomotion as a phenomenon in itself. Muybridge set up a battery of 12 cameras at Palo Alto and developed a set of electro-shutters and timers.

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Case problem. The motion picture industry is a competitive business. More than 50 studios produce a total of to new motion pictures each year, and the . See the attached files.

Motion picture case study

Motion Picture Industry. Read the Motion Picture Industry case study and using this data set please provide a Managerial Report that includes the following: Descriptive statistics (see 'Key Formulas' in. Case studies of two veterans contemplating suicide are described. Their suicidal intentions subsided as a result of a rekindling of their Christian faith.

A Digital Motion Picture Archive Framework Project Case Study Download Now Motion picture film is relatively simple and inexpensive to preserve, since it only requires suitable environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) to remain stable and accessible for years or longer.

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