Marilyn vs audrey

This week, with Priceless out in limited release, we asked our pal Amanda Mae to break down the Tatou - Hepburn corollary. She did, and she did so with amazing grace. Let's get into it! They're both European Audrey Hepburn was born in Belgium, and lived much of her early life in London and the Netherlands; Audrey Tautou hails from France, makes her home there, and supports French cinema.

Marilyn vs audrey

Are You More Marilyn or Audrey? Which one are you? In a world where blondes have more fun, are you the sexy Marilyn or the beautiful brunette, Audrey?

Audrey flack marilyn vanitas analysis essay

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, there were two names that were probably spoken above all others - Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. From opposite sides of the world, these women had different auras and images that shone throughout the s to the s.

Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles, California, in the mids. This blonde bombshell first made a name for herself when she got into modeling. She would later turn her attention to acting. Throughout her career, Monroe was known for her sensuality and sex appeal. Audrey Hepburn, on the other hand, was born on the other side of the world in Brussels, Belgium, in Hepburn first began as a ballet dancer, before she took her talents to Broadway.

She eventually landed the starring role in the film, Roman Holiday.

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While Marilyn was always the sexy bombshell, Audrey's image was more the wholesome, beautiful, girl-next-door. Are you bringing everyone to their knees with your alluring smile, or are you picking them back up with a sweet one? Let's find out which of these icons you are!

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Our hope is our quizzes and articles inspire you to do just that. Life is a zoo! Embrace it on Zoo.Audrey Hepburn Pink Quote: “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.

I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.


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Marilyn Monroe was an enchantress, she would enchant, spell bind people around her, just from normal everyday interaction.

Marilyn vs audrey

Elizabeth Taylor never had that type of control over the masses. Marilyn Monroe in There has been a lot of controversy about Marilyn Monroe’s size and measurements. No one really knows the true origin of the myths surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood, new rumors and drama sparks up every single day.

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Marilyn is no exception to this. Even today, if you ask someone what they think Marilyn Monroe’s measurements were back when she was .

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Marilyn vs audrey

Marilyn Monroe was prettier, but Audrey Hepburn is sexier, smarter and way more talented!Status: Resolved.

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