Love in the gift of the magi essay

The love and the affection were still there. Of all who give and receive gifts, such as they are the wisest. Everywhere they are the wisest.

Love in the gift of the magi essay

Though she has saved for months, the sum is not nearly enough for the chain which she wants to give him as a fitting complement to his most prized possession, his gold watch.

Saddened, she decides to get the extra money by selling her most prized possession, her hair. When Jim comes home that night, Della has tightly curled her shorn hair, hoping that Jim will still find her pretty.

For a few moments, Jim is dumbfounded, incredulous. Then he hugs his wife and lovingly gives her a Christmas present: To buy them as a complement to her most prized possession, he has sold his own, his gold watch.

In spite of an old-fashioned talkiness, the story succeeds because it tempers sentimentality with humor and real insight. The trick ending, typical of O.

Henryis here not so much a contrivance of plot as it is a genuine irony found often in the deepest human relationships.

In depriving themselves, Della and Jim enrich each other. They are, as O. Henry concludes, the true magi, the wisest of the wise.

Henry maintains a lightness of tone, the attitude of a genial observer, so that the story does not become overburdened with false pathos, and the trick ending appears as natural as the course of true love.

Henry William Sydney Porter. Includes a biography of O. Analyzes his popularity and the subsequent decline of his reputation. Discusses his influence on the development of the American short story. A Biography of William Sydney Porter.

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Analyzes the work as well as the life of the writer. The Man and His Work. University of Pennsylvania Press, This biography makes a case for O. Henry is properly understood and appreciated in the context of the times in which he lived and the audience for which he wrote.

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The Legendary Life of William Porter. Garden City, New York: Traces the life of O. Vividly portrays the early twentieth century New York City evoked in his work.

Love in the gift of the magi essay

A biography and analysis of O. Most interesting because, having been written induring the height of his popularity, it reveals a great deal about late Victorian culture and literary tastes.Spanish 1. Vocabulary. Retake the quiz of your worst vocab score from unit 1, unit 2 or unit is why I had you label the quizzes V1, V2, V3 for vocabulary units 1, 2 and 3 so that you could find them easily.

A renowned modern library of fiction, poetry, essays, and visual art by celebrated and emerging artists, provided free to readers. encyclical letter lumen fidei of the supreme pontiff francis to the bishops priests and deacons consecrated persons and the lay faithful on faith.

The Gift Of The Magi essaysIn the short story ³The Gift of the Magi², by O. Henry, the couple, Mr.

Love in the gift of the magi essay

and Mrs. Dillingham Young sacrificed their most prized possessions for one another. They did this in order to buy each other nice Christmas presents. Della¹s most prized possession was her beau. About the Author. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (–) was born and raised in Indianapolis and later left college to enlist in the US Army during World War II.

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