Human resource problems for southwest airlines

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Develop a code of ethics for a recreational activity that can injure or harass wildlife. Investigate the problems that recreational activities cause for threatened and endangered species.

For example, determine what problems boat traffic causes for endangered marine or freshwater species such as whales, manatees, giant otters, and corals. Develop a Boating Code of Ethics that will help prevent or minimize harassment and injury to these species.

Other activities to examine include birdwatching, wildlife photography, sport hunting, sport fishing, and SCUBA diving and snorkeling.

Can you think of others?

UN Meeting “Practical Solutions To Eradicate Human Trafficking”

Support the recovery process for an endangered species in the United States by using the media. Contact the federal and state agencies in charge of recovery of endangered species. For most species, the federal agency is the Fish and Wildlife Service and the state agency is the Department of Wildlife or the Department of Game.

For marine species, the federal agency is the National Marine Fisheries Service. The federal agencies, and some state agencies, have web sites on the Internet. Find out what threatened or endangered species live in your state and select one of these species.

Ask for a copy of the recovery plan for the species. If there is no recovery plan, ask why. Not all listed species have a plan, even though the Endangered Species Act requires one for every listed species. Find out what programs the agency has initiated to help the species recover and what the status of these programs is.

Human resource problems for southwest airlines

Make a list of ways citizens can support recovery efforts for this species. Try to get your list published in a local newspaper. Investigate the role of development banks in the decline of biodiversity, and develop a set of guidelines for funding projects that affect biodiversity.

Find out what development banks are and how they work. Do they require the projects they fund to be environmentally safe?

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Can you find some examples of projects funded by development banks that have contributed to species endangerment? Investigate what development banks can do to help conserve wildlife while still funding projects to help the people of developing countries.

Write a set of guidelines for funding development projects that will help conserve biodiversity. Send your list to a development bank, such as the World Bank in New York, and ask the bank if it uses similar guidelines in evaluating projects for funding.

Get involved in the Democratic process. Find out if your state has its own Endangered Species Act. The Federal ESA applies in all states, but many states have their own law, too. Investigate current bills related to endangered species or the environment in your state.

Passenger Killed Aboard Southwest Flight

This information is available on the Internet. Find out who your state senators and representatives are and how they have voted on similar bills in the past. Call their offices and find out their current opinions on these issues. Investigate the likely impact of one of these bills on biological diversity and on your community.

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Human resource problems for southwest airlines

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