How one might find philippe petit

Read about this engraving at the University of Oxford.

How one might find philippe petit

He told the grave diggers that the piles of dirt they were moving were in service of a deceased man named William Bobo. Bobo, an old cowboy in the Fort Worth area, occupied one of the tables inside the funeral parlor, old age and sun-drenched living having caught up to him at the age of That hole is for Bobo.

When Groody picked out a brown suit for the service, the reporters who were milling around the funeral home asked him who it was for.


Neither were the flowers, nor the grave, nor the eight policemen and two guard dogs stationed at the property, some of whom had accompanied Groody when he visited Parkland Memorial Hospital on November 24 to claim the most infamous corpse in the country. All of these arrangements were in the service of burying Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of assassinating John F.

Kennedy on November 22,who was himself murdered on November 24, and would be laid to rest on November It would be a most unusual send-off. Getty Images Perched at the window of the Texas School Book Depository, alleged communist Oswald reportedly took aim at a motorcade traveling through Dallas, fired three shots, and pierced the skull of Kennedy.

He was captured, jailed, then shot by nightclub owner Jack Ruby while in transit to another facility. At Parkland Memorial Hospital—the same site where Kennedy was rushed in an attempt to save his life—Oswald was pronounced dead minutes after being shot. Never had a dead body been such a source of consternation and concern among the Secret Service, the FBI, and local officials.

Oswald had obviously been a target while he was still breathing; dead, the authorities were concerned that he might attract people looking to desecrate his corpse. Quietly, law enforcement phoned Groody, who operated a funeral home in Fort Worth. But there were some problems. Problem one was the issue of finding someone to lead the service.

No one, not even clergy members, could seem to put aside their anger long enough to say even a few parting words about a man who sent the country into mourning. Two Lutheran ministers agreed, then backed out when Groody told them the service would be held outdoors. Both feared sniper fire would disrupt the proceedings.

Aside from law enforcement, no one other than Oswald's widow and mother had showed up for the funeral—there were no friends and no other family members to serve as pallbearers. So Groody turned to the one thing he did have in plentiful supply: Groody approached Preston McGraw, a local reporter with whom he had some previous dealings.

McGraw agreed to help carry the casket. Eventually, at least seven reporters labored to move him. Then, with Oswald in the ground, the Reverend Louis Saunders—executive secretary of the local Council of Churches and the only man willing to lend the service a religious overture—uttered some spare words.

It was then lowered into the grave.

How one might find philippe petit

Getty Images The morbid fascination with Oswald so feared by authorities turned out to be warranted. When Marguerite died inshe was buried in the plot next to her son.

How one might find philippe petit

After the curious parties were satisfied, Oswald was buried once more. Robert agreed, assuming the old one would be destroyed. Unbeknownst to Robert, the funeral home put the casket up for auction in No one ever appeared eager to let Lee Harvey Oswald rest in peace, save for the journalists who put him there.Linn: Hello!

I’ve lurked here for years, and now I have a question. I’ve seen people ask for – and give – recommendations on literature, and I hope it’s not out of place to ask for one myself. How One Might Find Philippe Petit, “Inspiring.” the Film " Man on Wire" Words Oct 4th, 5 Pages In August , Philippe Petit, a Frenchman with a passion for walking on wires, captivated New York City as he stealthy made his .

May 29,  · Petit walked a tightrope between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York in August Philippe Petit: One Man Show - Discussing the Magic of Wirewalking. Truth about The amazing Heavener Runestone by Dr Lee W.

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Philippe Petit, (born August 13, , Nemours, France), French-born high-wire walker who attained worldwide celebrity on August 7, , with his unauthorized crossing between the newly built twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, about 1, feet ( metres) above the ground.

The hullabaloo was over a Frenchman named Philippe Petit, who was walking on a high wire more than 1, feet in the air, suspended between the tops of the Twin Towers of the old World Trade Center.

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