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Free stretching height

In this article you will learn about the method of developing dynamic flexibility so you can kick high anytime without any warm-up.

Tom Kurtz, Free stretching height of Stretching Scientifically, kicks cold at age 40 What difference does it make how well you kick if you can kick well only after warming up? You would not carry a gun disassembled, would you? You would not count on having the time to put it together while facing an attacker.

Dynamic flexibility is the ability to perform dynamic movements within a full range of motion in the joints.

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Kicks are dynamic movements. Dynamic stretches for kickers are simple leg raises in all directions. First develop the ability to move your limbs with moderate speed within a full range of motion in the joints.

You should start at a lower extension height to avoid injury from any sudden contraction of rapidly stretched muscles. Then, after you have reached nearly your full range of motion, you can increase the velocity of the limb so the last few inches of its trajectory will be less controlled but the stretch will not be sudden.

Do leg raises to the front, back, and sides. Make 12 repetitions in every set and do as many sets as you need to feel you have reached your current limit of flexibility.

Free stretching height

Research has shown the effectiveness of dynamic stretching twice every day Matveev First spend a few minutes in the morning before having your breakfast on the dynamic stretching of your legs and then later during the day do dynamic stretches again.

On days you have your workout, do these dynamic stretches in the warm-up before kicking. Starting slowly, you should gradually raise the legs higher, and then you should increase the speed of your movements.

Doing the actual combat kicks in this morning stretch is not necessary to be able to do them later in the day without a warm-up. According to Matveeveight to ten weeks is sufficient time to develop maximal dynamic flexibility.

Yes, you can have great dynamic flexibility in a matter of a few weeks and then display it even without a warm-up.

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All it takes is the right stretching method. Spending several months on developing your flexibility and not being able to use it without a warm-up indicates either that the stretching method you use is incorrect, you are chronically fatigued, or both.

There are several explanations for failing to make progress and being fatigued: If you begin your workout still fatigued or even sore after the previous one, you are asking for an injury, or at least you hamper your further progress. If you use the wrong sequence of efforts exercises in a workout or in a set of consecutive workouts, it may double or triple your recovery time Kurtzp.

Never do static stretches before dynamic stretches, kicking, or any other dynamic movements. Static stretches reduce the force production of the stretched muscles. This was shown by subjecting calf muscles to several second stretches and measuring their force afterward Rosenbaum and Hennig Maximal force production is impaired for several minutes after strenuous static stretching Kokkonen, Nelson, and Cornwell If you try to make a fast, dynamic movement immediately after a static stretch, you may injure the stretched muscle.

I explain these and other reasons in Stretching Scientifically Kurtz In choosing stretches, you should examine your needs and the requirements of your activity.

Free stretching height

For example, if you are a kicker, you need mostly a dynamic flexibility of hips. To increase your range of motion, you need to do dynamic leg raises in all directions.

The principle of specificity states: Flexibility is specific to the speed of movement. Flexibility is also position specific, so static exercises or stretches like splits are not very useful if you want to kick higher a display of dynamic flexibility.

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Dynamic Flexibility

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Most of the recent research suggests that static stretching right before playing a sport or exercising can impair performance, such as reducing jumping height, lowering muscular strength and power.

Full Body Stretching Routine with 10 Stretching Exercises. Stretching is an important part on any exercise plan. Stretching is good for both aerobic fitness enthusiasts and weightlifters.

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