Essays spm advantage and disadvantage of sms in our daily

Advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones. This essay was not worth reading, and only partly because the assigned topic makes it hard to come up with anything worthwhile to say. It makes it hard -- but not impossible. You should have done more work to express these banal ideas in a more appealing way -- varied sentence structure, maybe, and a spicier vocabulary.

Essays spm advantage and disadvantage of sms in our daily

Share on Facebook As convenient as they are, SMSor short message servicetext messages have, as with all forms of communication, a few drawbacks when compared with other forms of communication.

Reliability and versatility can be compromised when using SMS, and text messages are far from the most economical way to communicate. The disadvantages that accompany text messages. SMS text messages are limited to characters.

Each letter, number, symbol and space used counts as a character, significantly limiting the room you have to type. Text messaging is currently supported by several languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic. The downside is that in some languagessuch as Chineseonly 70 characters are allowed.

Video of the Day SMS text messaging does not support sending media. Cost SMS text messaging can be expensive. Every mobile carrier charges for the service.

Most sell bundles of text messages, such as bundles of,as well as unlimited, for different monthly fees. If someone sends you a message that goes beyond the character limit, the message will count as two rather than one; therefore, monitoring SMS texts becomes a necessary economic chore.Now days mobile be comes the part of our life even without mobile people can’t live.

it’s the important part of our daily life. please use it properly. and get advantage of this advanced technology. SMS/Instant Messaging Advantage With the help of this service you can send a common message to lots of people.

This is a real time saver. Another advantage is that it can help you contact with other people if you are in a place or scene where you can’t talk on the phone. Disadvantage.

Essays spm advantage and disadvantage of sms in our daily

Like everything people misuse this technology too. Oct 08,  · There is no doubt that the Short Messaging Service (SMS) is the most popular means of communication today. Youths are the heaviest users. Some people even believe that sending of SMS has become an addiction among them.

What Are the Disadvantages of SMS? A: Quick Answer. One of the major disadvantages of short message service, or SMS, is that a person can only send short messages.

Users also require some basic typing skills. Again, it takes a lot of time to compose a message. Similarly, shortened words may be interpreted wrongly by the receiver.

Importance of mobile phones and smartphones in our daily lives. Essay on cell phones' importance for communications and business.

Just send instant SMS or call straight away and make your important message reach the intended person in no time. just like two sides of coin,tail and head.

Essays spm advantage and disadvantage of sms in our daily

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Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones Essay or in another way, a mobile phone is a combination of more than 10 items of our daily lives. And so a mobile is a basic need and everybody has it. We will write a custom essay sample on Advantages and .

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