Essay about superhero powers

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Essay about superhero powers

Seth possesses greater powers and stamina than most of the Egyptian gods except for Osiris and Ammon-Ra. He has superhuman strength Class 75 and stamina, but the loss of his right hand prohibits him from lifting or throwing great weights.

As a result, he mostly resorts to his powers to command hellfire, to hypnotize others, and to induce death he can slay most people with a single touch. A favoured tactic is to burn "the Mark of Seth" onto the body of an opponent. When he and that person next meet, one of them is then fated to die.

He can also transform his shape, as when he turns into a giant serpent. He has also shown the ability to summon forth and control thousands of rats.

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In the myths at least, Seth was also a god of storms and the desert wastes, however he has demonstrated no abilities connected with such areas of influence in the Marvel Universe See Comments.

In single combat with Balder the Essay about superhero powers, Seth employed a black, serrated blade attachment to the prosthesis replacing his right hand.

It is Essay about superhero powers this blade was forged from some unbreakable eldritch material akin to Uru or Rhinegold. In Egyptian hieroglyphs and mythology Seth also employed a long spear to drive down the throat of the demon-serpent Apohpis when that monster attempted to devour Amon-Re each night as his ship passed through the underworld.

In other papyri, during the trial to determine who would rule the Egyptian Gods, Seth threatened to slay one god a day with his sceptre, which weighed over 4, pounds, if he was not chosen over his nephew, Horus.

Egyptian Myth - Savagely tearing himself from his mother's womb at birth, Seth is the son of the gods Geb and Nut and brother of Osiris and Horus the First also called Harpocrates. Seth also mated with Gaea in her form as Neith and fathered Sebek, Babi, Edjo and Nekhbet, four of the gods of the underworld.

In ancient times, he lived as a mortal while Osiris was pharaoh of the ancient Egyptians. He sought to usurp his rule by imprisoning Osiris in a coffin and hiding it, but when Isis found it, Seth dismembered Osiris's body into fourteen pieces and cast them to the winds.

Seth, however, did not count on Isis collecting the pieces and reuniting them or on Anubis inventing mummification to restore Osiris to life.

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After Osiris moved on to Celestial Heliopolis, long court proceedings were held by the Ennead, the major Egyptian gods, to determine if rule of Egypt should be given to either Seth or to Horus.

Having seen the underworld, Osiris returned to become god of the dead with Nephthys as his wife. Horus, son of Osiris and Isis, then continued the family feud against Seth first started by his uncle, Horus the Elder, years before.

Appearing to them first as a giant serpent, Seth took on his humanoid form and informed his "children" that they mispronounced his name, and he was correctly called Seth not Set.

The Elder God Set, trapped in another dimension, could not prevent Seth's actions. Seth was assisted in his trickery by Grog the God-Slayer. It was then that a statue of the god Seth spoke to him of a greater destiny See Comments.

Nur, years later, became known as Apocalypse. X-Factor I 24 fb - BTS - Shortly thereafter, perhaps after Seth had departed earth for Celestial Heliopolis, or even centuries later, the being known as Apocalypse used his shape-changing abilities to appear as Seth, fomenting war and chaos throughout the Egyptian Empire and thus further spurring along human evolution.

Historical - The center of Seth's cult of worship was the city Ombos in the Upper Kingdom, where Seth enjoyed greater influence than in the lands further downriver. The worship of Seth often fell on hard times but always experienced periods of intense revival, never remaining in the background permanently or for long.

One such period of intense revival was circa BC during the Hyksos domination. Perhaps with Seth's aid the hekaukhasut, "the rulers of foreign lands", conquered the ancient Egyptians before they had mastered either the horse or the chariot which likely helped the mounted Hyksos more than Seth.

The foreign conquerors were avid worshippers of the aggressive god, building many temples to him and likening him to their own storm-god Baal. The Hyksos capitol during their reign in Egypt was Avaris, another older center of Seth worship. While the Hyksos dominated the Nile Delta, they attempted to wipe out the worship of all other gods and impose Seth as the supreme deity of all Egypt.

Ultimately, the Hyksos were overthrown and defeated by the Egyptians led by the Theban royal family. This victory was possibly achieved with the help of Khonshu in the guise of another moon-god, Yah, in whose honor many of the royal family were named Yahmose - "Yah is born", Yah-hotep, Yahmose-Nefertari, etc.

The decisive victory for Seth took place simultaneously with the sea battle at Actium, in which the Roman forces of Octavius Caesar defeated the navies of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, circa 30 BC.Feature Independent Publisher Book Awards Results.

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Essay about superhero powers

Unfortunately, most of the powers that are of interest to me, especially invisibility or the ability to bend space and time, have been taken.

What’s a fledging superhero to do? I flirted with shape shifting or the ability to manipulate the weather.

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