Commentary on tea by carol anne duffy essay

On my first Sonne About the poet Ben Jonson was an actor, playwright and a poet. He wrote his plays around the same time as Shakespeare, whom he outlived.

Commentary on tea by carol anne duffy essay

Love poems surely partake of such a structure, built as they are from an address to a beloved who is almost always somewhere else.

Commentary on tea by carol anne duffy essay

We might say then that absence lies at the foundation of this particular form of poiesis or production, the love poem. Missing calls, conjures or convokes the lover—as well as the reader, who is summoned as another beloved, albeit a voyeur, one who reads over the shoulder of the initial addressee.

Thus from one time to another and one place to another, love poetry repeatedly populates its world and builds its readership from what is sometimes a daily effort to confront and live with longing. So too does epic poetry. If we take as our example the Illiad and the Odyssey, we may see that they track a journey away from home, hearth and heart to an experience of war, and then chronicle, by way of multiple setbacks and episodes, the struggle to return again.

Poetry, in such a frame, is hard work; one approaches the extinction of separation and the prospect of love and the beloved by way of elaborate productions of delay.

More acutely, we see that in order for a poem to come to be at all, the hope of arrival must be matched by insistent deferral. Such labour is perhaps an exercise or art of the erotic.

But is it, or could it be, pornographic? Exciting new sexualities are clearly emerging in and from this new media landscape; what then might our new poetries become?

Whose labour, where and how, are key questions. Other poems are about intimate erotic communities and exchanges. Hovering, as cover illustration and in the background, is the fantasy of the big-box porn store of the internet, the motherboard or mother-lode, to which endless clicking mice stream.

How are such visions and modalities changing our lives?

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To want may be generative but to think one can always get creates not poetry so much as a republic of isolates, endlessly clicking and stroking, but never approaching or dwelling with each other.

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Mo Duffy Cobb O n the last page of her lovely travel memoir, Unpacked: Duffy Cobb left home to try to escape the grief that engulfed her after her second daughter died just hours before her birth.In The poem ‘Tea’, even within the title itself, it suggests that it is a very simple poem.

Naming a poem, ‘Tea’, is strange, as it is a mundane noun that we hear of daily.

Commentary on tea by carol anne duffy essay

Jun 30,  · Of the four commissioned pieces, three of the works (by Bush, Duffy and Kay) respond to one of the Brontë sisters each (Emily, Charlotte and Anne, respectively), while the fourth (by Winterson) responds to the Brontë legacy as a whole.

The chronicles of Narnia / C.S. Lewis illustrations by Pauline Baynes and including an essay on writing by C.S. Lewis [?] The clockmaker's daughter: a novel / Kate Morton.

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