Attachment parenting

What is secure attachment? How is secure attachment related to optimum development? Secure attachment doesn't have to be perfect What causes insecure attachment and attachment disorder?

Attachment parenting

For many parents, this approach feels intuitive. And anthropological research suggests that practices associated with AP -- such as baby-wearing and co-sleeping -- have deep roots in our evolutionary past Konner But does AP contribute to better child outcomes?

Not surprisingly, it depends on your definition of "attachment parenting. The practices are intended to help care-givers achieve the goals of being sensitive and responsive to children.

Parents can experiment, and see what works. A similar approach has been taken by Attachment Parenting International. As this organization states on its website, parents should "take what works and leave the rest. It may also reduce a child's risk of developing behavior problems, and promote the development of moral reasoning see below.

If we focus on specific practices, the evidence is mixed.

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In general, the practices recommended by the Sears are beneficial. Attachment parenting not every practice works for Attachment parenting, and not every claim made by various advocates has been supported.

For instance, baby-wearing has benefits, but it doesn't appear to stop colicky babies from crying excessively. So evidence in favor of "sensitive, responsive parenting" doesn't tell us that every associated practice is the best choice for a family. If we want to know the effects of a specific practice, we need controlled studies that target that particular practice.

What about other definitions of attachment parenting? It's important that other conceptions of attachment parenting are not consistent with what we know about effective care-giving behavior.

They also may be rooted in pseudo-science beliefs about the biology of motherhood. For example, according to one writer, attachment parenting means responding immediately to a crying infant by offering a breast; "waking every hour" at night to feed; or rushing in with pre-emptive attempts to soothe, so that parents fail to find out what their babies actually need e.

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This isn't the sort of behavior that has been linked with secure attachments. And it's inconsistent with what researchers mean by "sensitive, responsive parenting.

Attachment parenting

That's not what this definition describes, and all that rushing to intervene can be counter-productive. For instance, babies often make noises during brief moments of waking during the night. They may also vocalize when they are sleeping. If parents misinterpret these sounds and rush to feed a baby, they are needlessly depriving everyone of sleep -- and perhaps teaching the baby to awaken frequently at night!

The implication is mothers are designed to devote all their energies to child-rearing, and thrive doing so. It's the ancestral way.

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If a mother can't manage it -- or doesn't enjoy it -- something is wrong. Anthropological research refutes these notions. If there are any peoples whose life-ways most closely resemble those of our ancestors, it is the world's last remaining hunter-gatherers. Yet hunter-gatherer mothers don't devote all their energies to child-rearing.

Yes, they have child care duties, but they have other work as well, and they raise their children with the help of relatives and friends. So it's easy to find problems with "attachment parenting" if we define it differently than the Sears have. Attachment parenting in its original formulation: What does it look like?

According to William and Martha Sears, attachment parenting is associated with a range of practices and approaches, including the frequent holding and carrying of infants "baby-wearing"breastfeeding, nurturing touch including skin-to-skin "kangaroo care" for infantsbeing responsive to a baby's cries, being sensitive and responsive to a child's emotions e.Much of this information can be found in Dr.

Dan Siegel’s very dense, but incredibly insightful book The Developing Mind. A more parent-friendly rundown can be found in Parenting from the Inside Out. Click here to read about the attachment system.

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Click here to read about the purpose of attachment. Attachment theory is a psychological model attempting to describe the dynamics of long-term and short-term interpersonal relationships between humans. "Attachment theory is not formulated as a general theory of relationships; it addresses only a specific facet": how human beings respond within relationships when hurt, separated from loved ones, or perceiving a threat.

• Through this mutually attuned interaction, the infant learns to attain balance in his body, emotions, and states of mind. • The comfort, pleasure, and mutuality of the attuned interaction creates a sense of safety within the infant and inspires interpersonal connection to others.

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Symptoms, Treatment, and Hope for Children with Attachment Disorders By understanding and responding to your baby's cues — their movements, gestures, and sounds — you enable your infant to feel secure enough to develop fully and impact how they will interact, communicate, and form relationships throughout their life. By understanding how you can better participate in the attachment process, you can ensure that your child develops a secure attachment and has the best possible foundation for life.
The science of attachment parenting Attachment parenting which I will refer to as AP has a solid theoretical basis in one of the most widely-accepted theories of personality -social development in all of psychology- namely, the attachment theory of Mary Salter Ainsworth and her colleagues.
Attachment Parenting International | Nurturing Children for a Compassionate World For many parents, this approach feels intuitive.
Court Forms: Divorce (Dissolution) Children learn empathy and caring from parents who show empathy and caring. Children that have a strong relationship with their parents are more easily disciplined because they trust what their parents say and want to please them.
{dialog-heading} Peachtree Attachment Resources Based on the DSM IV It's critically important to know as much about the child's history in order to meet the child on their emotional or developmental level. If parenting a child who was removed from his parents due to abuse or neglect, parents should be aware that traditional parenting is not the best approach to use even if it worked for their biological children.

I practice attachment parenting b/c that it the way feel most natural to me. I use many of the advices from Dr.

Attachment parenting

Sear for all of my 3 kids. I have all girls 5,7, The alternative vaccination schedule Dr. Sears promotes offers two options for vaccines. These alternatives are becoming increasingly popular as the vaccination controversy continues to rage and parents want alternatives to the conventional schedule.

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