A biography of janet jackson

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A biography of janet jackson

Gary, Indiana African American entertainer, singer, and songwriter Aperformer since the age of five, Michael Jackson is one of the most popular singers in history. His album, Thriller, A biography of janet jackson forty million copies, making it the biggest seller of all time.

Through his record albums and music videos he created an image imitated by his millions of fans. The house was always filled with music. Jackson's mother taught the children folk and religious songs, to which they sang along. Jackson's father, who worked at a steel plant, had always dreamed of becoming a successful musician.

When this failed to happen, he decided to do whatever it took to make successes of his children. He tried to control his children's careers even after they were adults. The struggle for the control of the musical fortunes of the Jackson family was a constant source of conflict.

The Jackson boys soon formed a family band that became a success at amateur shows and talent contests throughout the Midwest. From the age of five Michael's amazing talent showed itself. His dancing and stage presence caused him to become the focus of the group.

He was so young. I don't know where he got it. Later that year singer Diana Ross — became associated with the boys during a "Soul Weekend" in Gary. With Ross's support, the Jacksons signed a contract with Motown Records. Berry Gordy —the famous head of Motown, took control of the Jacksons' careers.

The group also appeared on several televised specials, and a Jackson Five cartoon series was created. Gordy quickly recognized Michael's appeal and released albums featuring him alone. These solo albums sold as well as those of the Jackson Five. The group managed to survive Michael's voice change and a bitter break with Motown Records inbut as the Jackson family they continued to fight with each other and with their own father.

His success as the Scarecrow was a preview of what was to come in his videos, for Jackson seemed to care Michael Jackson.

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He later dedicated his autobiography [the story of his one's own life] to dance legend Fred Astaire [—], and the autobiography's title, Moonwalk, refers to a dance that Jackson made popular.

They worked together on Jackson's album Off the Wall, which sold ten million copies and earned critical praise.

In Jackson and Jones again joined forces on the Thriller album. Thriller fully established Jackson as a solo performer, and his hit songs from the album—"Beat It," "Billie Jean," and "Thriller"—made him the major pop star of the early s.

The success of Thriller with forty million copies sold, it remains one of the best-selling albums of all time and the videos of its songs also helped Jackson break the color barrier imposed by radio stations and the powerful music video channel MTV.

By Jackson was the single most popular entertainer in America. Jackson's next two albums, Bad and Dangerouswere not as hugely successful as Thriller, but Jackson remained in the spotlight throughout the s and into the s.

In he founded "Heal the World" to aid children and the environment. In he was presented with the "Living Legend Award" at the Grammy Awards ceremony and with the Humanitarian one who promotes human welfare of the Year trophy at the Soul Train awards. Rocked by scandal Despite Jackson's popularity and good works, he became the subject of a major scandal action that damages one's reputation.

In a thirteen-year-old boy accused Jackson of sexually abusing him at the star's home. Jackson settled the case out of court while insisting he was innocent. The scandal cost Jackson his endorsement paid public support of a company's products contract with Pepsi and a film deal.

His sexual preference was called into question, and his public image was severely damaged. In Jackson was criticized following the release of his new album HIStory: Past, Present, and Future, Book I. One of the songs on the album, "They Don't Care About Us," seemed to contain anti-Semitic showing hatred toward Jewish people lyrics words.

To avoid further criticism, Jackson changed the lyrics. Marriage and fatherhood In Jackson shocked the world when he married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the late deceased rock legend Elvis Presley — Many felt that the marriage was an attempt to improve his public image.

A biography of janet jackson

In August Jackson and Presley divorced. In November Jackson announced that he was to be a father. The child's mother was Debbie Rowe, a long-time friend of Jackson.Janet Jackson was born on May 16, in Gary, Indiana, the youngest of ten children, to Katherine Esther (née Scruse) and Joseph Walter Jackson.

The Jacksons were lower-middle class and devout Jehovah's Witnesses, although Jackson would later refrain from organized religion.

At a young age, her brothers began performing as the Jackson 5 in the Chicago-Gary area.

A biography of janet jackson

Watch Diamond Jackson's latest porn movies and enjoy full length sex videos featuring pornstar Diamond Jackson on torosgazete.com Michael Joe Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, on August 29, , the fifth of Joe and Katherine Jackson's nine children. The house was always filled with music.

Jackson's mother taught the children folk and religious songs, to which they sang along. Jackson's father, who worked at a steel plant. The Federal Judicial Center produced and maintains this site in furtherance of its statutory mission.

The Center regards the contents of this site to be responsible and valuable, but these contents do not reflect official policy or recommendation of the Board of the Federal Judicial Center. Who Is Janet Jackson? Born on May 16, , in Gary, Indiana, Janet Jackson is an award-winning recording artist and actress who's the youngest child of the Jackson family of musicians.

Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson, American singer, songwriter, and dancer who was the most popular entertainer in the world for much of the s.

Biography of Janet Jackson